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Brooklyn Paper Shredding
 is dedicated to helping you get the right solution for all of your information destruction needs. We take the time to understand your needs and match you with the best shredding services in Brooklyn. You will get a secure and cost-effective paper shredding solution for your business or home. We understand the need to protect the sensitive information on your documents and for your business to comply with all New York and federal privacy regulations.

About Brooklyn Paper Shredding

Brooklyn Paper Shredding has a secure network of shredding professionals that offer numerous shredding services designed to meet your security requirements at reasonable prices.

Wherever you are in Brooklyn, New York, or the anywhere in the Tri-State area, we will help you meet your security needs for the amount of paperwork you need destroyed. If you need to witness the shredding, there are services that send a shredding truck and perform the shredding right at your location. Otherwise, you can have a truck pick up your documents and shred them at a secure Brooklyn facility. 

Many businesses start with a “one-time” purge and realize the benefits of a monthly shredding service. We can find a solution to your job no matter how big or small. Brooklyn Paper Shredding's network strives to provide the highest levels of security while maintaining competitive ratesyour security is our priority.

For more information on Brooklyn Paper Shredding and how we can help you, please request a free quote today or call us at (718) 233-2542.

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With claims of identity theft on the rise every year, there is no reason not to shred your personal information before you toss it. Document shredding services are not just for large companies anymore. Paperwork kept at home is at riskput the same effort into protecting  your identity as you would into protecting your home, car or other valuables.
Paper shredding services Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn Shredding Services

  • Mobile Shredding - Also referred to as on site shredding, a shred truck equipped with an industrial shredder will drive right to your location. You can watch the entire shredding process.
  • Off-Site Shredding - Your paperwork is picked up from your location and delivered to a secure paper shredding plant for destruction. This is a good option for larger jobs.
  • Hard Drive Shredding - Physical destruction for your electronic and magnetic media. The pieces of your electronics are melted down, ensuring total destruction.

Shredding Options Provided in Brooklyn

  • Purge Service - For those requiring annual, one-time, or the occasional shredding service. The cost of this service is based on volume.
  • Ongoing Service - Weekly, monthly or quarterly shredding is available if you want to schedule recurring pick up's. You get locked bins for your paperwork and the contents are regularly picked up for shredding.

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Brooklyn Paper Shredding is your primer choice for high quality, secure paper shredding services. Our premier shredding partners will quickly and completely destroy any amount of paper and send you a certificate of destruction for every job.

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